Two Years In The Making…

I have been using Hamsphere for two years. When I say using I mean mainly listening… I have ¬†been a Short Wave Listener enjoying picking up calls from all over the world on my Realistic 2010. The great pleasure I have had is creating ‘long wire’ aerials from odd wire I have had in my house for a number of decades.This listening is hard to break and I feel no urge to talk all the time. There has to be some reason for me to use the microphone. Reasons to use the mike… well… interesting conversations catch my attention; unusual locations make me sit up and listen itching to speak to them. Fortunately there is an abundance of both of these.
I like to run two computers at the same time… one running the cluster and QSL card list whilst the other one houses the program.

I tend to have the program running in the background sometimes all day… waiting for some special call to drag me away from my work. My latest acquisition is my android phone which has Hamsphere downloaded… this makes my journeys to and from work very interesting. Ocassionally I have peddled like mad to reach home in time to catch a certain QSO on the main computer so that I can send a QSL card…

I still continue to listen to HF Ham radio users… mainly far into the small hours of the morning on 80 metres there are a few regular groups who entertain me with tales of motor bikes or sets they have tried but always come back to Icom or Kenwood. There is much talk and tweaking of the new Kenwood TS 990.


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